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Why emergency lighting goes hand-in-hand with the need for sprinklers in care homes

We should do all we can to ensure the safety of some of our most vulnerable residents.

That is why we take our responsibility to providing safe and effective LED emergency and communal lighting in care homes in and around London very seriously.

We are proud to work with many care homes to ensure their emergency lighting is of the highest standard. But we are appalled by last month’s report from London Fire Brigade (LFB), which found that only 1% of care homes, retirement homes and hostels that experience fires have sprinklers fitted. And that is why we applaud the stance taken by Southwark’s Fire Commander this month calling for systems such as sprinklers to be installed in care homes as well as residential buildings and new and refurbished schools.

Why are we, a leading communal and emergency lighting system company, worrying about sprinklers?

Because our business is built on the foundations of ensuring the safety of residents and building users alike. And it goes hand-in-hand with the recommendations of the LFB.

Unlike many competitors, our lighting system is designed to cope with the use of sprinkler systems so even when the water comes on, there will be no shorting or tripping out of the emergency lighting. This is crucial both for the safety and reassurance of residents and also emergency crews entering the building.

Quite simply, it can be life-saving.

Every Commulite fitting is also an emergency light, designed to work continuously even in the event of a total power failure.

The advantages don’t end there. Our LED lighting is much closer to natural daylight than fluorescent alternatives. This provides a much more pleasant and natural environment for care home residents and, in turn, plays a part in improving their wellbeing and quality of life. Improved lighting can also reduce falls, depression and sleep disorders and improve independence among people with dementia.

It is imperative therefore that elderly residents are not short-changed in any way when it comes to their environment.


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