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Tough, durable and maintenance-free LED lighting

“With Commulite the normal LED lighting system IS the emergency LED lighting system, eliminating the need for secondary back up emergency lighting. This means it has around half the number of components of other systems, and is guaranteed to be maintenance-free LED lighting for 7 years.”

Vandal Resistant

Communal lighting is often subjected to above average wear and tear, which is why our fittings are as sturdy and robust as possible.  Each is equipped with a tough steel casing and tamper proof seals, making them highly resistant to wilful attack.  Even if someone does manage to break through the casing the light board itself is virtually indestructible. All this put together makes Commulite lights almost impossible to completely disable.

24V for Added Safety

In the event that a fitting is damaged, because our fittings all run off a 24V DC supply there is no danger of electrocution from exposed wires and cables.  This also means you no not need a qualified electrician to attend, any member of your maintenance team can replace a Commulite fitting.

Heat Tolerant

Many LED lighting systems do not tolerate high temperatures, which is why many manufacturers add caveats to their warranties, voiding them if the LEDs are subjected to temperatures above 25°C. This means simply using the lights in a warm summer can render the warranty invalid! Commulite fittings, however, are tested and guaranteed from -40°C to +50°C, so whatever the temperature, you will still be covered by our seven year warranty.

Fit and Forget

Switching to a Commulite LED system will cut maintenance completely for at least seven years. No more lamp, ballast or battery replacements every year, meaning your maintenance teams can be more usefully deployed elsewhere.

Built to last

We use the highest quality components to ensure we have best quality product on the market.  We only use industry-leading CREE LED’s in our light fittings, which have an operational life that is five times longer than fluorescent lamps, and our batteries have a design life of 12 years.

Remote testing

Our optional remote monitoring system enables you to both test and control the system without even visiting the site, and will automatically send email or text notifications whenever any status condition varies. It will also data log all tests for emergency light testing compliancy, and send text alerts or emails to your nominated personnel.  A timed test switch makes emergency testing simple and quick too.

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