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Remote monitoring and testing

Take control of emergency lighting compliance

Routine testing of emergency lighting is a legal requirement. The Commulite remote monitoring and testing system makes this a simple and reliable process, enabling all emergency light testing to be carried out and data-logged without even visiting site.

All test data is a few clicks away

Furthermore, our web portal allows you to view and download test results and status data for all your Commulite communal and emergency lighting installations and interface with other systems.

Instant alerts

Our optional remote monitoring system will automatically send email or text notifications whenever any status condition varies, meaning issues never need go unresolved.

Compliance testing made simple

After a standard three-hour annual battery check, most emergency lighting systems are unable to guarantee emergency light capability until the batteries have recharged.  This effectively means the building should not be used until the emergency back up capability is restored. Because Commulite emergency lighting runs for nine hours instead of the normal three, you always have spare emergency capability, even after a full three hour test.

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