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Standalone emergency lighting systems

Lifelite™ is a unique, intelligent emergency and back up lighting system suitable for all buildings and applications. Combining the latest LED technologies with intelligent programmable controls, Lifelite™ enables you to carry out all of you statutory emergency light testing remotely, without the need to visit site.  All results are data logged for complete compliancy and peace of mind.

remote_monitorEmail or text alerts

The system constantly monitors itself and will send alerts if something fails or is damaged giving you instant information for you to act on.

Seven year warranty

Furthermore we offer the option of a no quibble seven-year warranty, extended to 10 years on non-maintained fittings.

NINE hour run time

Lifelite emergency lighting will run for a minimum of 9 hours and provide light levels 10 times greater than the statutory requirement.

Zero maintenance

Lifelite™ maintenance-free systems can be installed alongside your normal lighting, eliminating battery packs, inverters and other high maintenance components from your light fittings, thus creating enormous maintenance savings for years and years.

The entire system is fully programmable and can carry out fully automated emergency light testing.

Lifelite™ Designs

We provide you with a fully designed emergency and back up lighting system complete with automatic testing and data logging for compliancy. Our range of fittings includes Running Man signs, bulkhead fittings and small discrete down lighters.

  • Long warranties
  • Remote monitoring and GSM alerts
  • Data-logged testing
  • Constant self testing
  • Zero maintenance for SEVEN years
  • Fully designed systems
  • Absolute peace of mind

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