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Superior Emergency Lighting Systems

“The safety of your residents and building users is our priority.  With emergency lighting regulations becoming more demanding and enforcement notices increasing, Commulite’s emergency lighting systems are designed with the future of emergency contingency in mind.”

Maintained emergency lighting systems – communal and emergency lighting combined

With Commulite, emergency lighting design compliance is a given because every Commulite fitting is also an emergency light, designed to work continuously even in the event of a power failure.

Emergency lighting that’s 10 times brighter

The LED emergency lighting levels provided by the Commulite system are better than most lighting systems in normal mode! We far exceed the minimum requirements demanded by the latest building regulations, and are typically 10 times brighter than our competitors.

Again, in the event of a more serious incident, bright emergency lighting levels are a potentially huge benefit to attending emergency search and rescue teams.

Lasts 3 times longer…

Our LED lamps run for over nine hours in emergency-mode; that’s 3 times the standard safety regulations requirement of three hours.  This means that our lighting will run all night in emergency mode, a benefit to everyone’s safety and peace of mind.  In the event of a more serious incident, it means that light is available for the emergency services for longer too.

Full compliance and reliability

After the normal three hour annual battery check, most emergency lighting systems are unable to guarantee emergency light capability until the batteries have recharged.  This effectively means the building should not be used until the emergency back up capability is restored.  Because Commulite emergency lighting runs for nine hours instead of the normal three, you always have spare emergency capability, even after a full three hour test.

Future Proof

Commulite far exceeds standard regulations in terms of running times and light levels whilst in emergency-mode. Even as emergency lighting regulations become increasingly demanding, because our product has such a long life we aim to ensure that our emergency light performance will satisfy the regulations for years to come without future modification.

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