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Frequently asked questions

You claim that the Commulite battery life is 7 years, which for a lead acid cell is impressive.  How do you guarantee it for so long?

Because of the way our system uses the batteries and controls how they are ‘cycled’ we are able to guarantee their life expectancy for 7-years.  We ask you to accept the FSA backed warranty that the system will do what we claim.  Any risk is therefore not with you as the client, and no insurance company would insure this risk had they not carried out a very thorough due diligence on our products.

Commulite claims to a payback period of under 3 years. Is there any data to back this up?

3 years is very typical, and we can give you examples of actual schemes, but every Installation is unique, and every proposed scheme will be calculated based on your scheme preferences.  The payback time depends upon switching times, usage etc., but we will give you an accurate payback time before asking for any commitment from you.

Commulite claims that “the system is beneficial to all landlords or owners of residential and commercial property providing communal lighting that is reliable, tough, maintenance free and economical to run (without compromising quality or light levels)” Is this correct?  Why is the Commulite system so superior?  Surely all LED lights are ‘maintenance free’?

Commulite is in fact superior in many ways.  Commulite has no fallible components within the lamp enclosure, meaning we can fit enclosure with a tamper proof seal for life.  Other LED manufacturers’ fittings, by contrast, contain drivers, battery packs, inverters etc, which all require maintenance.  So, although their LED’s may last, the other components will not.  Additionally, these other components are heat generating, which is something many LED lights do not like… Some manufacturers even add caviats to their warranties voiding them if the LEDs are subjected to temperatures above 25∘C (typical for a warm summers day!).  Commulite fittings are tested and guaranteed from -40∘C to +50∘C, and are much more suited to our real world.

How can Commulite achieve such good light levels whilst using so little energy?

Many LED manufacturers struggle to achieve good light levels when their lights are used with an OPAL diffuser, often losing up to 40% of the lamp’s light output.  Commulite’s unique “LED 28” OPAL diffuser is a special product that loses almost no light output and ensures an even dispersal of light without glare or spotting.  It is also far more popular with residents than a prismatic diffuser..

Commulite’s latest low voltage low energy technologies provide “a superior system with much lower energy levels than other LED lamps” and also a five-year insurance-backed ‘no quibble’, ‘fit and forget’ maintenance free warranty.  How can Commulite support this claim?

Simply put, Commulite fittings all have four separate circuits. 3 x 4W and 1 x 6W. Because of this we can combine them to provide SEVEN different outputs…. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 18W.  This means we can set every fitting to suit its installed location.  We can also control these circuits independently.  Other LED light systems are either ON or OFF at 16w.  We design every installation to ensure optimum use of energy saving and circuit switching.  This is a truly unique capability.

Who supplies this insurance, what does it cover and how does it work in practice? Does it cover parts and labour?

Every component, LED, battery, timer, PCB, breaker nut, bolt, screw and ALL labour is now covered for SEVEN years by the insurance-backed guarantee.  Once the system is commissioned and certified, the policy is effective and documents are sent to you the client.  The policy is underwritten by Lloyds and  is arranged by DMI Partnerships Limited, a niche insurance broker, also fully FSA registered. Even if we cease to trade then the Insurer will fulfil all obligations of the Commulite guarantee for the full warranty period on each and every certified installation.

“NO other system can provide such guarantees or such low energy consumption.”  That is quite a claim, how can you prove it?

Very simple… we produce a lighting SYSTEM, not just lights.  None of our peers can provide lighting with seven different output levels that can be programmed to change throughout the day, with remote monitoring and control or data logging options.  They are not simply “on” or “off”.

How robust are the Commulite luminaires?

Extremely robust and resistant to wilfull attack, because each fitting incorporates four circuits, with a virtually indestructible board of over 60 LEDs, it is almost impossible to completely disable that fitting.  The fitting can even be attacked with a hammer and still have LEDs working.

You claim a minimum 65% saving in energy consumption compared to a traditional fluorescent communal lighting system.  Where do you get this figure from?  I would have thought that this is easily achievable with any LED lighting unit.

Our calculations are all based on real schemes.  While we advertise savings of 65%, we are often able to achieve 75% thanks to our unique intelligent control system.  We will undertake accurate surveys and provide energy forecast for every installation before asking for any commitment, completely FREE OF CHARGE.

You claim that “a big advantage of the Commulite system is that the emergency lighting system is part of the normal lighting system (but with a superior light levels) to other emergency light packs”. Has there been any consideration when making this statement that, assuming these are fed from a centralised system, that the cables feeding these fittings have to be fire rated?

Yes.  In a lights-out situation, Commulite comes under BS 50171 ‘Central battery systems’.  When installing Commulite it is imperative that a minimum of one circuit is wired with FP100 1.5mm2 singles.  Generally we recommend that when rewiring a system it is done with all cables using FP100 when used in galvanised conduit to enable maximum flexibility with the emergency light programming & set up.  If an existing system has recently been rewired, we recommend that the existing cabling is left in place, but one FP100 circuit is drawn into the conduit.  This is easily achieved by using the existing ‘Earth’ as a pull through for a pair of FP100 1.5mm2 singles, for the emergency circuit.

Why do I want my emergency lights to run for 9 hours instead of the statutory 3 hours?

Emergency lighting regulations are becoming increasingly demanding.  And as our product has such a long life we aim to ensure that our emergency light performance will satisfy the regulations for years to come without need for upgrades or modification.  There are many other benefits too, such as the fact that our lighting will run all night in emergency mode, very handy in a care home or power cut situation, and great for rural installations.  Plus, following a statutory 3-hour annual battery check, most emergency light fittings are unable to guarantee emergency light capability until the batteries have recharged.  This effectively means the building should not be used until the emergency back up capability is restored.  Not so with Commulite, after a 3-hour test we still have 6 hours emergency capability left!

The statement made about being ‘maintenance free’, does this apply both to commulite general lighting and also commulite emergency lighting ?

Our system is fit-and-forget and maintenance free, with tamper-proof seals on all fittings and no user serviceable parts contained in the system.  We provide a timed test switch for emergency testing purposes, however, as the lights are visibly on there is no need to engage the emergency mode to ascertain that they are working.  We always provide a system monitor for visual system checking.  Should you elect to incorporate the remote testing module, the lighting will test itself, data log all results and send text or email alerts to you or your maintenance team should anything require attention.  The system carries out the checks and displays that everything is ok on the indicator panel.


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