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Energy saving LED lighting

“Lighting is said to account for around 20% of the world’s energy consumption, and while we can all make small changes at home, adopting energy saving LED lighting in communal or public spaces is more of a challenge due to health and safety and crime prevention considerations.”

Energy saving lighting for communal housing and public areas

Research shows that LEDs typically achieve energy savings of 50-70% compared to conventional lighting, and could, if used LEDs to their full potential, almost single-handedly eliminate lighting as a major source of global emissions.

This is what Commulite does. Our intelligent energy saving LED lighting systems combine ultra efficient LEDs with a unique ‘smart control’ system to provide the right amount of light, at the right time, in the right place. No wastage. It’s the most energy efficient lighting system for communal housing and public areas available.

What’s more, Commulite’s LED lighting system combines emergency and communal lighting into a single elegant system.

Proven energy savings

Each individual Commulite luminaire typically saves £80/year on lighting costs. For a social housing block with 200 luminaires that is a saving of £16,000 and an associated CO2 reduction of 18,000kg per year, every year. These savings are fully auditable; contact us for more details.

More light with less energy

We only use industry-leading CREE LED’s in our light fittings. These are the lights of choice for NASA, amongst others, and offer exceptional brightness, longevity and energy efficiency. That said, there’s more to designing a high efficiency lighting system than just the lights, as up to 40% of a lamp’s output can be lost when combined with an OPAL diffuser. However, our unique diffuser creates clear and uniform light distribution with only minimal losses to light output.

Intelligent Controls

Our lighting is not simply “on” or “off”, it’s more intelligent than that.  Commulite uses an intelligent ‘dusk-till-dawn’ solar tracking time clock that automatically adjusts light up times on a daily basis to best suit the time of year.

Our luminaries also have 9 different light output and power settings, which are managed by our unique and fully programmable smart control system, meaning that not only can every installation be tailored to the individual requirements of the site; it can be tailored to the requirements of each individual area of the building!

This means that our lights are only on when they’re needed, to suit location and time of day – meaning they typically use only half the energy of even the best LED lighting offered anywhere in the world, saving energy, carbon and reducing issues associated with light pollution.

Payback in less than three years on energy saving alone

While every installation is unique, and payback times very (subject to lighting usage), our lighting schemes typically pay for themselves within three years on energy savings alone. We will be happy to undertake a full energy survey, showing the predicted savings for your building. There’s no smoke and mirrors, just genuine costs savings. To find out more call us on 01277 600 300 or email us.

Made in the UK – for a smaller carbon footprint

Apart from the CREE LED’s, everything is made here in the UK… yet another few thousand tonnes of carbon saved!

Combine with Solar Energy for fully sustainable lighting

When Commulite is combined with a solar voltaic installation, the whole system becomes virtually 95% energy saving – day and night.  To find out more about the potential benefits of Solar PV please see our SOLAR PV CALCULATOR.

Independent advice on energy costs…

An easy way to save money on energy usage is to ensure you are not paying more than you need to for it in the first place.  We can help you there too, click here to FIND OUT MORE.

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