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Energy saving LED lighting

Energy saving lighting for communal housing and public areas

LEDs typically achieve energy savings of 50-70% compared to conventional lighting and, if used to their full potential, could  eliminate lighting as a major contributor of global emissions.

Commulite’ energy saving LED lighting combines ultra-efficient LEDs with a unique ‘smart control’ system to provide the right amount of light, at the right time, in the right place, with no wastage. It’s simply the most energy efficient lighting system for communal housing and public areas available.

Proven energy savings

Each individual Commulite luminaire typically saves £80/year on lighting costs. For a social housing block with 200 luminaires that is a saving of £16,000 and an associated CO2 reduction of 18,000kg per year, every year. These savings are fully auditable; contact us for more details.

Intelligent and programmable

Our lighting is not simply “on” or “off”. Intelligent ‘dusk-till-dawn’ solar tracking automatically adjusts light up times to best suit the time of year. Furthermore, our luminaries have 9 different power settings managed by a smart control system, allowing us to tailor the light levels to suit each area of the building. This means that our lights generate no more light than is needed, taking the energy savings available from LED technology to the next level.

Payback within three years on energy saving alone

While every installation is unique and payback times vary (subject to lighting usage), our lighting schemes typically pay for themselves within three years on energy savings alone. We will be happy to undertake a full energy survey, showing the predicted savings for your building. There’s no smoke and mirrors, just genuine costs savings. To find out more call us on 01277 600 300 or email us.

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Remote compliance testing  |  Superior emergency lighting
Fully programmable  |  Zero maintenance   |  Five or seven-year warranty

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