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Communal lighting for social housing

From low-rise buildings to high-rise tower blocks, wherever a building includes communal areas, Commulite is a better lighting solution.

While there is ever-increasing pressure on the Public Sector to provide more for less, tenant safety has to be a clear and unambiguous priority. Commulite delivers in both areas. Our LED emergency and communal lighting systems deliver huge savings for social landlords in terms of both energy use and maintenance, and it is safer too. In the event of an emergency situation, our communal lighting provides more light for longer.  We provide 10 times the minimum requirements for emergency light levels for more than 9 hours, which 3 times as long as the minimum regulations stipulate.

Putting you in control of emergency lighting compliance

Routine testing of emergency lighting is a legal requirement. The Commulite remote monitoring and testing system makes this a simple and reliable process, enabling all emergency light testing to be carried out and data-logged without even visiting site.

The right light, in the right place, at the right time

Ideal for tower block, halls of residence, schools and more, our unique central control system means you can reduce light output when not needed, further improving energy savings and reducing light pollution. This is enhanced by our solar-tracking system that automatically adjusts light settings according to the time of year.

Zero maintenance

Our lighting systems are guaranteed maintenance-free for seven years, freeing up staff time and reducing time spent travelling between buildings (and associated fuel costs). Our communal lighting for social housing and local authority buildings saves thousands of pounds each year, and thanks to a combination of intelligent controls, better lighting and exceptional durability, create safer and more pleasant communal spaces for residents and service users alike.

 Commulite is now the communal lighting system of choice for several London authorities for high and low rise lighting renewal programmes.  

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Remote compliance testing  |  Energy saving  |  Superior emergency lighting
Fully programmable  |  Zero maintenance   |  Five or seven-year warranty

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