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Catch 22 of emergency lighting

The Catch 22 of emergency light testing

What if emergency lighting wasn’t as safe as you thought – or hoped?

If there was a window around the crucial annual testing of emergency lighting which actually made it unsafe for a small period of time? This isn’t scaremongering but a genuine Catch-22 situation.

Let me explain….

No longer legally safe

We all know the importance of ensuring emergency lighting is routinely tested. Whether the lights are situated in commercial buildings, shopping malls or flats, these annual tests ensure they are no problems should an emergency occur. But the potential problems occur around the testing of emergency lighting when it runs off a battery. As with all emergency lighting, there needs to be an annual inspection to ensure public safety in the event of an evacuation. During this testing, the mains are switched off and you have to prove the battery can run for three hours.

But most emergency lighting only has a three-hour battery life – which means there is a window where batteries are being recharged and a building is no longer legally safe. Fortunately, it is a small window but a problematic time period nevertheless. This discrepancy is often overlooked and many tenants, landlords and business owners are oblivious to this problem.

You have to wonder how many buildings are falling foul of this legality.

Take control of emergency light testing

At Commulite, we are proud to offer a nine-hour battery life which maintains the same brightness even when it goes into emergency lighting mode. This means you can run the three-hour test and then the battery can be recharged while it is still in operation. If that wasn’t enough, our testing is all done remotely so there are huge savings on manpower and additional costs.


Find out how we can ensure there is no Catch-22 around your emergency testing by contacting Commulite today.


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