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Care Home and Residential Home Lighting

“Commulite’s advanced lighting technology is the ideal choice for the emergency and communal lighting of care homes, hospices and hospitals, where good quality and reliability LED lighting, patient safety and comfort is of the utmost importance.”

More natural light

Commulite LED lighting is brighter and much closer to natural daylight than fluorescent, creating a more pleasant and natural environment of particular benefit to the elderly, who often require more light to carry out daily activities. Improved lighting levels can improve health, quality of life and can even reduce the amount of people who are seen as visually impaired (source:  Improved lighting can also reduce falls, depression and sleep disorders, and improve independence amongst people with dementia (source:


Our fully programmable central control system ensures that care home and hospital lighting levels are controllable and can be tailored to individual preferences. Lighting in communal areas can be automatically subdued during the night to create a more relaxing ambience.

Energy saving lighting that is safer too

Commulite LED emergency and communal lighting delivers huge savings in terms of both energy use and maintenance, and in the event of a power outage or an emergency situation, it provides 10 times the minimum requirements for emergency light levels for over 9 hours, which 3 times as long as the minimum regulations stipulate. This could be a life saving situation, providing the emergency service with precious extra time to vacate a building, or in the event of a power failure, it simply ensures that light is available throughout the night.

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Remote compliance testing  |  Energy saving  |  Superior emergency lighting
Fully programmable  |  Zero maintenance   |  Five or seven-year warranty

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