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7-year warranty

“Commulite now offers a truly unique seven-year warranty.  No ifs and buts. You can run your communal & emergency LED lighting 24-hours a day, 365 days a year and still be covered for, parts, labour and even emergency batteries.”

Every component, LED, battery, timer, PCB, breaker nut, bolt, screw and ALL labour is covered for SEVEN years.

Our luminaires contain no more than a high efficiency LED board that has a working life in excess of 7 years. No batteries, no chargers, no inverters, nothing to go wrong, nothing to replace in that time.  In addition, the system self tests and monitors its status so you don’t have to.

We use only CREE LED’s, renowned throughout the world for their superior performance, reliability, longevity and rigorous product testing. Our fittings are equipped with a tough steel casing, tamper proof seals and the LED light board is virtually indestructible.  This makes Commulite lighting almost impossible to completely disable.

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We donate £1 to Action for Children for every luminaire we supply and ensure it is spent in the same region as the lighting projects

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